We guide your team in building a customized software security blueprint based on your industry, software development life cycle, and business needs to cost-effectively mitigate risks.

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Software Development Life Cycle

Opening quotes
SD Elements provides our team an easy-to-use and comprehensive platform to model many different applications in minutes
The ability to quickly model many different types of applications in SD Elements helps our team keep on top of emerging application security requirements with minimal effort
The scalability of SD Elements has helped ensure better control and more defined security requirements for both internal and outsourced teams
We are genuinely impressed with all the security requirements SD Elements produces. We’ve found it easy to adopt SD Elements because of its clear layout and effortless integration with scanners like AppScan
Closing quotes
Konrad Fellmann - Director at Cubic
Konrad Fellmann - Director at Cubic
Konrad Fellmann - Director at Cubic
Konrad Fellmann - Director at Cubic

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