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Seamlessly push automated security requirements directly into development application lifecycle management tools to build more secure software from the start. SD elements eliminates security vulnerabilities before scanning begins – the most cost effective way of mitigating risks.

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Case Studies

Major Consumer and Commercial Bank lowers cost and time per finding, allowing them to operate 10x faster

CLIENT:Major Bank
SECTOR:Financial Industry

Major Bank onboards 210 applications in 4 months, which has scaled several times faster than static analysis lowering cost and time per finding. Contact us to learn more »

Payment Processing Company models security and compliance requirements in less than 60 seconds per new application

CLIENT:Payment Processing Company
SECTOR:Financial Industry

Payment Processing Company speeds up time to market while remaining complaint and secure by baking security into each application design in less than 60 seconds. Contact us to learn more »

Adobe uses SD Elements on 100% of all new applications to bake security into the earliest stages of the software development lifecycle


Jim Hong explains how Adobe easily enhanced security in their SPLC (Security Product Lifecycle) through the use of SD Elements. He reviews how SD Elements solved one of their main security problems by delivering a consistent, security-focused baseline for design and implementation across projects of all sizes. View video »

Leading developer of transportation systems builds security into the SDLC

CLIENT:Cubic Corporation
SECTOR:Public Transportation

It is critical that the transaction data, including personally identifiable information (PII) and payment information, is properly protected. For Konrad Fellmann, director at Cubic Transportation Systems, that means taking a proactive approach to security and incorporating security requirements early in the software development process.Challenge: Building secure applications from the startPrior to adopting SD Elements, Cubic was defining security requirements based on OWASP, but there’s little context between OWASP’s suggestions and the apps... Read the full Case Study »


Deploy a questionnaire to automatically generate security requirements based on each specific application enabling development teams to autonomously build security in.


Empower developers by delivering task specific training and code samples right into their application lifecycle management tool.


Build a security baseline obtaining evidence and verification that security is built in to every application allowing your security team to focus on more complex security issues.

ALM Integration

SD Elements works with your favorite Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools.
Find out how and Contact Us.

SD Elements & Tasktop Sync

Connecting Security to Development

Security Compass provides technology that allows development organizations to seamlessly add security requirements and compliance standards into existing Application Lifecycle Management practices and tools, without changing the way software delivery is handled.

Security Compass has partnered with Tasktop to offer Tasktop Sync to its customers. Tasktop Sync provides fully-automated, enterprise-grade synchronization between SD Elements and the most widely used tools used for software development and delivery These integrations further enhance your organization’s ability to add security directly into the development process by enabling the integration of software delivery tools all across the software delivery process--from planning, PMO and operations functions, to development and testing. This means that software delivery team members, in different disciplines and using disparate systems, can collaborate and synchronize efforts resulting in a more efficient and secure software delivery process.


  • Security requirements and compliance standards automatically added to the software development process
  • Seamless, real-time integration with and synchronization to the most widely deployed tools used in the software development and delivery process


  • Security becomes an integral part of the process—not an afterthought
  • Connecting stakeholders across software delivery disciplines improves efficiency and security
  • Best-of-breed, open source, legacy and enterprise Agile tools can be utilized more effectively as part of a secure software delivery process
  • Cross-repository, cross-constituent workflows dramatically improve the likelihood of software development success in a timely and secure manner and on budget

To learn more about using SD Elements and Tasktop Sync to add security requirements into your existing ALM tools, contact SDElements Sales. To learn more about Tasktop Sync visit or contact Tasktop at

About Tasktop

Over one million users employ Tasktop’s ALM and DevOps integration technology to transform the productivity of software delivery, by connecting the development, testing, Agile planning, PMO and operations functions into a unified software development and delivery team. Tasktop customers are the global leaders in financial services, insurance, government and manufacturing. And partners, including CA, HP, IBM and Serena, rely on our independent, vendor-neutral role to connect their customers’ software delivery disciplines via OEM distributions of our products. Tasktop has defined the Software Lifecycle Integration (SLI) category to fulfill our mission to “connect the world of software delivery.” For more information about Tasktop, please visit:

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How SD Elements Powered by Tasktop works

Tasktop Sync is an integration server that provides fully automated, enterprise-scale synchronization among the disparate tools used in software development and delivery organizations. The SD Elements Tasktop connector automatically integrates the development, QA, Agile planning, issue tracking and PMO software that are part of the Sync ecosystem, adding security requirements to each element of the software delivery process.

Build secure software with confidence in 5 easy steps.

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