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Achieve Compliance and Empower your Team.
Learn more about our Software Security Practitioner Suites.

Our enterprise training suites in software security cover OWASP Top 10, secure software design, secure software coding, and other courses that cater to specific roles in order to help improve an organization’s security posture. Whether your team is responsible for developing mobile or web applications securely, at Security Compass, we’ve got you covered.

Our training platform and courses let organizations train their development and IT teams in the most up-to-date application security practices in a way that is easy to learn and implement. Our Software Security Practitioner (SSP) Suites offer role-based training paths that can prepare students for (ISC)2 certification. Teams can choose from a combination of continuous computer-based courses, just-in-time micro-modules, or instructor-led courses.


  • Targeted

    Focus on your team's knowledge gap

  • Flexible

    Fits around your team's busy schedules

  • Insightful

    Track your team’s progress to becoming compliant

  • Practical

    Industry relevant material

  • Stimulating

    Personable, enjoyable, and relatable training

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