Automate Risk Assessments
with SD Elements

Automatically classify risk and generate actionable tasks to comply with your security policies

Visibility to risk is critical to defending your organization. Manual risk assessments require scarce security resources and can take weeks to complete. Attempts to shorten the effort can result in inconsistent assessments and controls.

SD Elements automates risk assessments, reducing demands on your security teams and ensuring consistent output and controls across all your projects.

According to the Software Engineering Institute, about 90% of reported security incidents result from exploits against defects in the design or code of software.

Our security experts have built a knowledge base that maps risks and threats to dozens of technologies and standards. These are translated to SD Elements’ clear, actionable tasks and activities which organizations can use to mitigate risk.

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Automated Risk Assessment





  1. SD Elements integrates with your tooling to characterize the technical stack or your subject matter expert completes a short survey, replacing weeks of engineering and security efforts.
  2. SD Elements assigns risk classification to assets based on survey answers.
  3. Prioritized actionable tasks and activities are generated and assigned based on your company’s existing internal policies.
  4. You have continuous visibility to your risk posture through instant reports and a robust API.

Risk Assessment Benefits


SD Elements reduces the time required for risk assessments from days or weeks to minutes, allowing organizations to scale assessments across all projects without adding resources.

 Consistent Output and Controls

SD Elements maps risks to technical stacks and applies your controls consistently. It integrates with popular tools to assign controls and produces test plans to validate that all controls are correctly implemented.

 Expert Knowledge Base

Our security experts analyze technologies, frameworks, and standards to accurately identify risks. Use your internal controls or leverage our knowledge base of controls, code samples, and test plans.

Automate risk assessments to ensure consistent outputs and controls across your projects.

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