SD Elements Addresses 
Critical Needs in the 
Department of Defense

Streamlining Continuous ATO Process 
and Enabling DevSecOps

A DevSecOps Solution for 
Continuous ATO

SD Elements is an expert system that translates the NIST Risk Management Framework (NIST RMF) and other security standards into actionable tasks, sample code, and QA test plans that can be leveraged by technical teams for automated aspects of risk assessment and compliant code development. The solution provides all traceability and reporting capabilities necessary for achieving Continuous ATO.

Achieving Continuous ATO

SD Elements helps implement a secure development process that aligns with DevSecOps. Our platform provides the means to continually prove that these processes are being executed and that controls are being implemented and validated.

NIST Compliance

To be granted a Continuous ATO, organizations within the Department of Defense are typically expected to adopt NIST RMF, a framework for identifying risk and associated controls, along with the implementation, validation, and monitoring of controls and threats. SD Elements maps to a significant portion of NIST RMF, in addition to the IT controls prescribed by NIST SP 800-53.

DevSecOps Standardization

The Department of Defense is moving toward the standardization of tools and metrics for secure software development. Applications, including development tools, must operate on secure DoD infrastructure, which is moving toward containerized environments. SD Elements can be deployed via containers compatible with the Department's strategy.

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