Penetration Testing for Enterprise Businesses

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Security Compass offers a range of professional penetration testing services to help businesses proactively identify and fix critical vulnerabilities before a real attack occurs. Our Advisory Services team offers a decade and a half of experience focused on application security, and we take a flexible approach to your penetration testing needs. We simulate the most up-to-date methods of real-world hackers in order to show how your business’s critical systems would fare in an attack.

With expertise across a variety of assessment types, we can test every level of your defenses and identify vulnerabilities across your entire organization. We can then work with your security team to fix these vulnerabilities and ensure the effectiveness of our work with retesting. The overall result is an organization with improved, proactive security preparedness that can operate with confidence that it can withstand the most up-to-date and harmful attack types.

More Than Your Average Penetration Testing Service

Our in-depth testing methods, deep expertise, and customizable ways of working with clients set us apart from other penetration testing providers.

Deeper and more extensive testingWe don't simply perform surface level assessments, like scanning for vulnerabilities, but use our deep expertise to simulate real life attacks to find and exploit vulnerabilities. What other organizations may refer to as “red teaming” is a standard part of our penetration testing services. Accordingly, the scope of our penetration testing extends beyond an organization’s technology to test its physical security as well as its staff through social engineering techniques.

An end-to-end penetration testing solutionGoing beyond just testing, our service includes gathering requirements, investigating an application's design through threat modelling, exploiting and testing an application via automated tools and manual techniques, discovering and managing vulnerabilities, providing guidance on remediation, and providing comprehensive reporting and measurements to track improvements.

Combined manual and automated testingUnlike other vendors who rely on automated testing, we thoroughly exploit applications by using a variety of manual testing techniques in combination with automated tools. Our automated tooling helps clients manage the penetration testing process in order to improve efficiency and to help scale testing across a large volume of applications. Our manual testing attempts to identify vulnerabilities rooted in business logic that typically cannot be detected by tools.

We become an extension of our clients’ teamsRather than just providing a service, we can become an extension of our client's teams and thoroughly integrate ourselves into an organization. We adopt our client's processes and policies during an engagement to minimize disruption and maximize collaboration. From there, we fully customize our assessments according to each customer's specific requirements, technology and processes.

Our Penetration Testing Methodology

Our penetration testing methodology follows a time-boxed approach using one, or a combination of, the testing strategies below. Security Compass will recommend the best approach for your organization based on identified requirements.

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Black-Box TestingWe assume the role of an attacker with little to no knowledge of our target. This lets us observe how easy it would be for an attacker without prior knowledge of an application to identify security concerns.
DevOps Diagram
Gray-Box TestingWe perform a black-box test, but also obtain user-credentials and roles to test authenticated sections of an application. This helps us ensure whether authenticated areas of an application, as well as role-based logic, are well constructed.
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White-Box TestingA gray-box test, plus we have full or critical source code to the application that is under assessment. We treat the application as an open book, reviewing critical areas of the application code while performing tests to gain full insight into the application.

Assessment Types

Our assessments cover virtually every major attack vector and all levels of an organization’s critical systems, from web, mobile, and desktop applications, to network and wireless infrastructure. Learn more about each assessment type below.

Web Application Assessment

Mobile Application Assessment

Network Infrastructure Assessment

Wireless Infrastructure Assessment

Terminal Service Remote
 Application Assessment

Desktop / Thick-Client 
Application Assessment

Voice Over IP (VoIP) Assessment

Payment System Assessment
 (Point-of-Sale Systems & Kiosks)

API and Web Services Assessment

Hardware Device Assessment

Internet of Things Assessment

Custom Application or 
Device Assessments

Let us test your critical systems before hackers do.

For large organizations, getting attacked isn’t a matter of “if” but of “when.” With a decade and a half of expertise in the application security space and extensive testing methods, our penetration testing services are the best way to ensure the safety of your business.

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