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Cloud Security

Already operating in the cloud? Moving to the cloud? It’s an exciting new world that provides limitless opportunities to scale and optimize your business operations while minimizing capital expenditures.

But there are risks. The rise of cloud-based applications and services that store confidential data in a shared environment creates a prime target for hackers. You must protect your data and minimize your exposure in the cloud. Your customers expect it. Regulators demand it. And your company’s brand and reputation depend on it.

Security Compass provides industry leading thinking on cloud security, bolstered by our deep bench of AWS and Azure certified cloud security experts.

  • Discover

    your existing cloud presence, including cloud apps and platform-specific services.

  • Assess

    your existing cloud presence, with pen tests and reviews of your cloud apps, containers, and Identity and access management (IAM) policies.

  • Architect

    your cloud presence. We’ve tested the native services that support your apps and infrastructure.

  • Govern

    your cloud presence. We’ll partner with you to tie everything together with a proven Cloud Security program.

Our Solution Helps You ...

  • Go Deep

    We have over 20 certified Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solutions Architects on staff. We work with the most commonly used cloud service, from EC2, Lambda, S3, and Cognito, to Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Functions, Blob Storage, and Azure Active Directory.

  • Go Far

    We cover the leading cloud providers and their tools. Our team executed over 20,000 hours of cloud security assessments across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in 2019. We work extensively with the leading cloud-specific and cloud-related tools such as Dome9, Prisma, and ScoutSuite.

  • Go Together

    We don’t just provide a report and walk away. We become an extension of your team, collaborating with you from start to finish to support your success. We partner with Fortune 500 companies in financial services, transportation, tech, media, and telecom to define, drive, and implement Cloud Security programs.

Contact us today to learn how we can help solve your organization’s application security challenges.

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