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We’re Different.

  • Industry Leaders in Cloud Security

    We have over 20 certified Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solutions Architects on staff. We cover the leading cloud providers and their tools. Our team executed over 20,000 hours of cloud security assessments across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud in 2019.

  • Data-Driven Analysis

    We can satisfy your immediate need to deliver findings to your auditors. We work across applications and aggregate findings to help you spot trends and enable data-driven decision making. We give executives insights and prioritized recommendations that can be put into action right away.

  • Unmatched Quality

    We’re obsessed with quality. Our robust methodology and rigorous project management are the cornerstones of our reputation. Every assessment we conduct is managed by an experienced, dedicated project manager, so you can offload administration and coordination to us. We manage the project from kick-off through delivery and review, so we provide exactly what you need, efficiently. Every deliverable is reviewed by our in house, full-time technical writers so everyone gets reports they can understand and operationalize.

  • Agile-Friendly Penetration Testing

    Many pen testers require exclusive access to your environment. Not us. We’re flexible enough to work within an agile development process, while you build. We'll work with your Scrum Master to prioritize user stories and features where security testing is most important to your upcoming sprint.

Our Solutions

  • Cloud Security

    Security Compass provides industry leading thinking on cloud security, bolstered by our deep bench of AWS and Azure certified cloud security experts.

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  • Enterprise Penetration Testing

    Our in-depth penetration testing programs, extensive expertise, and customizable approach to working with you sets us apart from other penetration testing providers.

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  • Adversarial Simulation

    Our adversarial simulation, or red teaming exercise, assesses your readiness to defend against a real-world actualization of business risk. The business risk targeted in such an attack could be to disrupt operations, exfiltrate business-critical data, or simulate other objectives as dictated by you. 

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