Software Security Assurance

Secure SDLC Advisory

Whether you have already implemented application security policies, processes and procedures, or you are in the initial stage of creating your SDLC, we can help implement your application security program or we can lead your program and then transition it back to you when everything is in place and you are ready to keep moving forward.

We begin all SDLC assessments with a Gap Analysis that profiles your current SDLC program and compares it with today's industry standards: we let you know how your SDLC compares to industry standards; how best to incorporate security at the various stages of the SDLC; what types of shortcomings are revealed; and, ultimately, where you should focus to get the best security throughout your SDLC.

From these recommendations, we will create a Program Roadmap for getting your SDLC program to an ideal state within the next 2-3 years. Once the Roadmap is created and, while you are on your way to implementing your improved SDLC program, our Consulting Team will continue to support and guide your efforts as an extension of your company's security team.

Our SDLC Experts bring together many years of experience in software development and architecture, allowing them to thoroughly understand every aspect of your application's development, its framework and its environment, and accurately evaluate both the strengths and common pitfalls associated with your SDLC program.

Custom Solution

Security Compass recommends a thorough Application Security Assessment program across your enterprise customized with SDLC Security Advisory to build a sound foundation to your enterprise application security.

Why Security Compass?

Our team is made up of experts with extensive information security and software engineering credentials. Our specialty is working with your business to provide in-context security advice. We have experience delivering our services and training across various industry verticals.

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How do we deliver services?

Our consulting and advisory service teams possess a unique blend of technical research knowledge in their practice area combined with extensive experience in working with business leaders across various industry verticals. This allows us to discuss technical details with your software development teams as well as connect the dots between technical security vulnerabilities and business risk when presenting to executives.

Our Training Advantage

Our modularly developed Training Program allows students to learn complex security content by customizing their own experience. Our courses are interactive and hands-on irrespective of the chosen delivery methods: Live Instructor Led, Computer Based Training (CBT) or Remote Training.

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