Case Study: Wireless Network Assessment Case Study: Wireless Network Assessment

A Large Insurance Company sought a wireless network security assessment in order to enumerate possible threats to the organization introduced by their wireless infrastructure

Blog Post: Practical Tips for Wireless Security Assessments in Corporate Environments Blog Post: Practical Tips for Wireless Security Assessments in Corporate Environments

Practical tips for performing wireless security assessments


Our Wireless Security Experts bring together many years of education and experience in wireless security. Our consultants spend a lot of time researching the latest industry trends and approaches, to ensure we use the most appropriate tools and techniques when rendering our assessment. Our primary goals are to mitigate risk in your wireless network; audit your wireless network policy and its effectiveness; and improve compliance with industry standards such as PCI DSS, COBIT, ISO 27001, and GLBA.

Our consultants take the time to learn about your wireless network infrastructure, then assess your specific wireless implementation. We will test for rogue access points and neighbouring access points masquerading as legitimate wireless access points; identify the physical location of all detected anomalies; document the security posture for reporting; and finally take pictures of any anomalies that are found.

Similar to all our services, the results of the Wireless Security Assessment are presented in two reports: one presents a high level list of the findings for the management team to understand the findings and how the security risks impact the business. The other is much a more detailed report written specifically for the technical remediation team. This detailed report includes examples, suggestions, and many other items that will help the remediation team understand both the risks and the list of action items they are required to complete.

After our Assessment Team has identified and submitted the key areas of risk within your network environment, we can follow up with a Remediation Consultation that makes sure the outlined vulnerabilities have been fixed and new issues have not been introduced.

Meet Our Experts

  • Paul O'Grady

    Paul O'Grady

    Security Consultant

    The success of our wireless security assessments begins with detailed floor plans, and is driven by the assessor's methodical coverage of the office space, attention to detail and relentless pursuit of anomalies. Our leave no stone unturned approach has allowed us to find unauthorized devices in some pretty interesting less-travelled areas of buildings.

    With his broad range of technical skills and excellent leadership experience, Paul thrives on assessing complex environments from host and device configurations to solution architecture reviews. Paul keeps his skills honed through research, and attending conferences. He periodically performs training courses, including Attacking & Defending Web Application at SecTor (2010). He also presented his findings at the Securing Remote Access Solutions Seminar at ISACA Toronto (2010).


A Wireless Security Assessment determines all the vulnerabilities relating to your wireless network, using the most up to date network technology, while improving your compliance with industry standards.

Key Business Benefit

We assess your wireless implementation and provide a list of vulnerabilities while providing a detailed list of recommendations as well as their potential impact on the business.


Our Wireless Security Team brings together many years of education and experience in wireless security. Our methodology is tried and tested to provide results across multiple industries.

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