Case Study: Mobile Banking Assessment Case Study: Mobile Banking Assessment

Application Security Assessment of a Mobile Banking Application on iOS and Blackerry.

Blog Post: Weaponizing the Android Emulator Blog Post: Weaponizing the Android Emulator

How the Android Emulator can be repurposed as an exploitation tool.

Training: Mobile Hacking & Securing Training: Mobile Hacking & Securing

An in-depth class that covers mobile hacking techniques for Android and iPhone.


Mobile applications are different, we know why.

Our Mobile Security Experts begin all assessments with a lightweight Threat Model that will profile your application and help you get a better understanding of the security threats that may compromise your business. This lightweight Threat Model will be referenced throughout the assessment to evaluate the risks that are most important to your business.

Using techniques such as Reverse Engineering, we provide a thorough analysis of the mobile client application on all platforms including iOS, Blackberry, Android and Windows® Mobile. We provide a custom Mobile Security Assessment catered to your company's unique, industry specific needs while identifying high risk items for immediate action, providing all key findings and recommendations for remediation.

We are able to provide a security assessment at any stage of your mobile application's development. Whether the application is in the planning stage or has been on the market for years, our assessment will identify the key areas of risk within it.

Security Compass' Mobile Security solutions are based on tried and tested methodologies leveraged by an extensive list of qualifications. Our years of forward thinking investments in the security community have given Security Compass a reputation of excellence by our customers.

Custom Solution

Security Compass recommends a mobile security training program with content customized to your organization's environment combined with a mobile security assessment.

Also learn about our security assessments of mobile payment applications involving NFC technology. Download datasheet.

Meet Our Experts

  • Subu Ramanathan

    Subu Ramanathan

    Security Consultant

    Our team of mobile security experts possesses a unique blend of technical and industry experience. We are passionate about delivering value by remaining on the forefront of cutting edge research.

    {"Outside the office, Subu regularly teaches courses in Exploiting and Defending Web Applications, Advanced Application Attacks and Mobile Hacking to Security Compass' clients across the globe, and has spoken at numerous mobile security conferences including topics such as Blackberry, 'Droid and IOS/iPhone"=>"Which One is the Safest? (Panel Discussion), MISTI Mobile & Smart Device Conference (2011) and Bust a Cap in an Android App, ToorCon (2011)."} Whether Subu is providing technical insight to your development teams or presenting key findings that may have a direct business impact to your executive team, he believes that each client's needs are unique and presents each finding as it relates exclusively to your business.


Security Compass consultants are able to assess the application's security from the point of view of a malicious attacker, identify critical breach points, and suggest possible mitigation steps.

Key Business Benefit

Ability to meet regulatory compliance while gaining a deep understanding of your organization's risk exposure though the mobile application.


Security Compass' team of experts have years of research experience in mobile application security. Our methodology is tried and tested across all platforms in multiple industries.

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