Free OWASP Top 10 CBT

Language agnostic. Complete at your own pace.
Real exploit concepts around web application threats, vulnerabilities & strategies to mitigate them.


When it comes to time constraints and budget concerns, we understand the most cost beneficial option to training a large group of people would be a Computer Based Training (CBT) option. Your staff can learn at their own pace, yet with the ability for your Learning administrators to track progress. All our courses are SCORM compliant to integrate with your LMS systems and require minimal setup, consisting only of a modern browser to access the course.

Security Compass' CBTs contain full voice overs, detailed examples, videos and labs to help students fully embrace the concepts that they are learning. Students can fast forward and rewind at their own pace and we can include quiz options for your staff if desired. We aim to provide as many tools as possible to help them understand security concepts at their own pace. You will find our pricing scheme flexible for both small and larger deployments.


Our Computer Based Training offers the following benefits:

  • On demand training, whenever your staff have time, they are able to take the course at their own pace and convenience
  • Cost effective training option for those who are tighter on budget. Enterprise licensing options for organization wide deployment
  • Course topics speak to various interest groups from high-level management topics, to low-level developer issues speaking to coding securely
  • Full narration by a real voice, varying voices, and full start-stop functionality. Students can skip sections as they desire and all our courses are fully SCORM compliant, making LMS integration a breeze
  • Progressive hints to guide students down the right path to solutions within TrueLabs lab exercises
  • Embedded video demonstrations of common attack vectors and how attackers execute such attacks

Now with Remote Lab

With the course, you can also get access to Security Compass' Remote Lab where you can exercise your newly acquired skills on multiple real open source applications. The Remote Lab is the perfect hands-on companion for our computer-based training classes.

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Security Compass offers one of the most competitive rates for computer-based training in the software security industry

We offer both individual licenses and very flexible licensing options for organizations of all sizes, with various deployment options to fit your needs.

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