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We understand your business and will work with you to incorporate security strategies within your existing operating environment. Understanding your unique requirements allows our experienced experts to be proactive in identifying the applicable threats and in determining the appropriate risk mitigation techniques that suit your needs.

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At its core, our organization strives to improve the state of software security. We go above and beyond what’s expected to fully service the needs of our clients.


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Whether you are starting a new initiative or your company has been in business for years, our Risk Analysis team will identify the key areas of risk within your environment and provide you with the steps you require to meet industry best practices while keeping your key business objectives in line.

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Nima Dezkham

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Discovering vulnerabilities is only half the battle. We leverage our years of experience in application development to guide your developers to properly remediate these issues.

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We understand that network security goes beyond patch management and vulnerability scanning so we ensure that our assessments cover multiple avenues where attacks can come from, including physical security assessments, social engineering and configuration reviews of critical systems.

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